What are the price agreements?

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Price Change
Prices may change due to various commercial factors. These may include market demand, product availability, cost of raw materials and any price increases or markdowns. The price in effect at the time you place your order is the price applicable to your specific order. Any price changes that occur after that time will not affect the price of your order unless otherwise agreed.

If you place an order and you live within the EU, the price you see on the website includes 21% VAT. For customers living outside the EU, where no VAT is payable, the price may be different. In this case, VAT is not charged and the price may be lower.

Please note that orders outside Europe may always face import duty charges and local VAT charges. It is advisable to contact the relevant authorities to get more information about possible taxes or import duties on international orders.

We offer a sale price adjustment on items ordered up to 7 days before the start date of the sale. Because the supply is often already limited once an item enters the sale, your request will only be approved if the item is still available in the same color and size at that time. After approval, you will receive the price difference back in the form of shop credit. The same applies to sale items that are later further discounted.


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